How to Remotely View SimpliSafe Camera Videos from Distance?

View SimpliSafe Camera Videos

The aptitude to watch video footage remotely is one of SimpliSafe’s prime reimbursements, giving proprietors amity of cognizance. Go through this blog to know how to easily access SimpliSafe camera footage from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

Constitute Your SimpliSafe Device

  • It’s decisive to have your SimpliSafe security system constituted acceptably before using remote viewing.
  • Make that every camera is straddling appropriately, accompanying to the base station, and turned on via the SimpliSafe app.
  • Verify that your apparatus is equipped and organized to record video when obligatory.

Get the SimpliSafe app on your phone.

  • You can use the SimpliSafe mobile app as a portal to remotely see your camera footage.
  • In the Play Store and type SimpliSafe and transfer it.
  • Mount the app on your device after moving it.

 Enter Your SimpliSafe Account Login.

  • Unveil the SimpliSafe app, then enter your account statistics to log in.
  • Confirm that the email address and keyword you use are the same ones linked to your SimpliSafe security system.

Go to Camera Settings.

  • Open the SimpliSafe camera setup app and select the camera settings after logging in.
  • Frequently, the dashboard or main menu has this.
  • Discover the meticulous camera you want to watch from a reserve and click on it to open its settings.

Turn on the remote viewing feature.

  • You can indicate to view content remotely or watch live gushing from within the camera settings.
  • To permit remote admittance to your camera footage, turn on this function.
  • To comprehend the setup, observe to any further stimuluses or directions given by the app.

 View Camera Recordings from a Distance

  • You can now access your SimpliSafe camera footage from any location with an internet connection if you have enabled remote viewing.
  • To view a camera, open the SimpliSafe app, scroll to the camera area, and choose the desired camera.
  • The chosen camera’s live feed should now be visible to you, enabling you to keep an eye on your house in real time.

Personalise Your Notifications and Alerts

  • You can adjust alert settings in the SimpliSafe app to improve your experience with remote surveillance.
  • Set up alerts to go off in response to predefined events, including door/window entry or motion detection.
  • In this manner, you’ll be aware of any strange activity while you’re away and receive quick alerts.

 How to View Video in a Browser

  • SimpliSafe gives you the option to view camera footage on your computer via a web browser in addition to the mobile app.
  • To access live feeds and recorded footage, just go to the camera portion of the SimpliSafe website, log in to your account, and proceed.

Final remarks

You may relish the affluence of real-time monitoring and the coziness of eloquent your house is innocuous even while you’re at distant by ensuing this tutorial. Admit the influence of SimpliSafe’s remote observing structures to simply accomplish your home safekeeping.

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