How To Improve Wifi Signal Strength?

How To Improve Wifi Signal Strength?

Not only Simplisafe but for almost every security camera having reliable wifi network access is an essential part. Without the wifi setup of camera you can not access the setting and live feed of your device. Sometimes wifi signal strength is not upto the mark and you can still face problem with connecting to your camera. With the help of this blog, you can overcome your wifi related issue that are preventing your camera’s connection.

You can opt these steps if your Simplisafe camera keeps losing wifi network;

  • The first thing that you need to pay attention is the location of your wifi router. If the router will be placed in the centre location of your house or office then you will get the finest network coverage, make sure to keep it away from heavy electronic appliances, thick walls or other devices that can create obstruction.
  • You must keep your router’s firmware updated and its drivers too, these updates help routers to work efficiently and if there is any issue that can prevent your camera’s connectivity with your router then it can also be solved with these updates.
  • If your router’s antenna is detachable then you can change it and get higher gain antenna to get the signal in particular place including the range extension and strengthening the signal.
  • Sometimes there can be issue with the wifi channel as well and to eradicate that issue you must carefully choose the exact channel of wifi. Avoid the channels that are overlapping and reducing the signal strength. To check it you must install the wifi analyser app in your device which can help you to identify strong and least congested channel to connect.
  • There can be various appliances in your place that can prevent the smooth connectivity like microwave, baby monitors, Bluetooth devise, cordless phones etc. so to overcome this you can place your router away from these devices or can choose the least affected wifi channel.
  • Must have updated version of the router, the router must be supportive to wifi standards 802.11ac or 802.11ax. either choose the newest launched router that will have more capabilities and multiple antennas to cover the maximum area.
  • To solve this type of situation you can also opt for wifi range extender or upgrade to mesh system, if you are planning to install your camera outdoor then you must have the extender because routers hardly over the outer area of your place, extender are usually connected to your existing wifi router to extend the network range whereas mesh system provides seamless network experience by accessing multiple access point with your router connection.
  • If you have given access to multiple users then that will directly affect your signal strength and will slow it down so you need to protect your network from unwanted access by using WPA3 encryption or keeping a strong wifi password.
  • Rebooting of the router can solve your network issue effectively as rebooting helps in clearing the caches and cookies which will eventually improve the network strength.

End thoughts

Wifi accessibility is essential for SimpliSafe camera access and if still your connectivity issue doesn’t get resolved then you must ask for the help from our technical team and you must also connect your ISP.

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