How To Troubleshoot Simplisafe App Not Connecting To Wifi?

How To Troubleshoot Simplisafe App Not Connecting To Wifi?

SimpliSafe is well known for its monitoring and remote access of the camera capabilities, usually we access SimpliSafe camera through SimpliSafe app so maintaining it is also necessary from the security perspective. If your SimpliSafe app is not connecting to wifi then you can use the troubleshooting tips given in this blog to outcome this problem.

  • You must check that if there is a latest version of SimpliSafe app is available or not, you can check it in the app store and if there is then you must get it immediately because outdated version often creates connectivity and compatibility issues. This update will also fix the bugs and other issues and you will also get the latest feature introduced by SimpliSafe for better access.
  • Verify the wifi network whether it is sturdy or not. Your device and SimpliSafe setup app must be connected to same wifi network. If you using the base station then that too must have same network of wifi.
  • Restart your router and check whether other devices are connected well with its network if yes then issue is with app only and if not then contact your ISP.
  • Reboot the app, for this you need to force close it and then again reopen it, it will refresh the app and can solve the occurring issue.
  • If your app’s permission access is restricted then too you can face this issue. Provide the necessary permission grant to your device’s wifi and location services because this is crucial for network establishment.
  • If you are having the android device then accrue the cache and cookies because that can create obstacle in app’s functioning. For this open the device setting and search SimpliSafe app, there will an option of clearing caches, choose that. You will be listed out from the app after this action so you have to accomplish the login another time.
  • There can be issue with the base station as well so you can also try rebooting it, disconnect it from the power source and take a pause of few seconds before putting it back in, this can also resolve the connection problem of the app.
  • LED indicators are always helpful in detecting the issue so check your base station’s LED and consult it with your user guide, different lights have different meaning so is the solution.
  • Take another device and download the app in that device. After that comprehend the login and if it connects successfully then there can be issue in your device only and not with the app.
  • Disconnect the base station from the wifi network and reconnect it again, see if the issue gets resolved or not, if not then you must consult the support team of SimpliSafe.

Final Thoughts

If these steps won’t help you to resolve your SimpliSafe app connection issue then you must contact our technical service team as soon as possible, their experience can be utilised in this problem’s troubleshooting. They are always available to assist you so feel free to contact them anytime either using the live chat option or by call.

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