A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Simplisafe Using Alexa

A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Simplisafe Using Alexa

The integration of security devices with smart platform has increased the conveniency and efficiency to the users. A popular home security system SimpliSafe with its integration to Alexa has set the mark higher than usual. This integration will not only provide you the seamless monitoring but also ease your security system managing work. if you want to know the whole process to integrate both these devices then this blog will be helpful.

SimpliSafe security system’s integration with Alexa

  • For this you need to prepare your devices first including the SimpliSafe camera setup. Make sure your SimpliSafe access account is activated and you must have the secure and robust network of wifi. You Alexa device must be associated with your amazon account.
  • Enable the SimpliSafe skill in order to link your security system with Alexa. Open the Alexa app in your device or on the web interface. Press the skill and games option also search SimpliSafe in its address bar. The option will appear as SimpliSafe skill tap on it and enable it. Link the SimpliSafe account with Alexa by completing the prompted instructions.
  • Next you have to discover the devices after enabling the skill, just say ‘hi Alexa, discover my devices’. It will run a scan and show you the list of devices that are connected with your SimpliSafe account, add them to Alexa smart home section.
  • Check the voice control system to manage your security device, instruct alexa with various commands like arming, disarming or check system status. You can arm your security system when you are at home or outside the home and similarly when not needed you can disarm it. You can check the system status and can also trigger the panic alarms.
  • This is optional but you can do this advanced automation to set up routines. Just open the Alexa app, search the routines section and generate your routine, set a trigger like voice command, location or schedule. Add more actions like arming, disarming, adjusting the lights and sending notifications.
  • Once the integration is done that doesn’t mean your work has been accomplished now you have to test it with your voice commands to ensure it is perfectly working.
  • You can make amendments according to your need anytime but for that association of Alexa and SimpliSafe account must be perfect.

Troubleshooting the issues during the integration

  • If you face any issue after or during the integration then first of all check the wifi connection of your SimpliSafe security system and also of Alexa.
  • The devices must be associated well with each other.
  • Test the voice commands.

Final thoughts

For smart homes, smart devices and their integration is really crucial. With the voice commands managing your security system is quite convenient and easy, not only within the premises but also remotely. But it must be executed accurately in order to achieve its proper functionality. The voice commands make the access and manging of security system really easy but if you need any guidance or assistance in the setup then you can trust our professionally trained team.

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