A Quick Sneak Peek on SimpliSafe Camera Setup

From the name itself, it can be implied that this camera is one of the safest cameras for home security purposes. These security cameras that are designed for outdoor use have their disadvantages and advantages like every other camera. Sometimes, you cannot complete the SimpliSafe camera setup and Simplisafe camera Login on your own. You need an expert when you face such issues; like your SimpliSafe camera keeps losing its Wi-Fi connection. If you are struggling with these problems and looking for the solutions to setup SimpliSafe camera with the help of our expert then here in this article you can follow the given instructions and with the help of these simple steps you will be able to connect your SimpliSafe camera to your Wi-Fi network.

Simplisafe Camera Setup Process

Connect a SimpliSafe Camera to a WiFi Network – Things You Need to Know

  • Firstly, press the menu button on your SimpliSafe camera.
  • Hereafter open general settings then click on the Wi-Fi options, Make sure that before executing the step your SimpliSafe camera’s Wi-Fi connection is turned on.
  • Your camera will by default be connected to your Wi-Fi network. if in case your camera is not connected then from the list of the available network choose and select your network name.
  • After this for further connection, enter the password of your Wi-Fi network. If the username and password is not available, please set your wifi credentials
  • Accept the option to link to your smartphone. If prompted, then enter the details of what you view on your screen.
  • After following these steps your SimpliSafe camera and your mobile phone will now be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

What if a SimpliSafe Camera Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

Gone were the days when security cameras needed a wired connection to get connected to the Wi-Fi or other network. In the present world, the wireless connection has been proven to be the most secure and easy solution for making a kind of secure connection. When you buy your SimpliSafe camera and proceed towards its SimpliSafe setup, you get to face a number of issues like SimpliSafe camera not connecting to Wi-Fi, or SimpliSafe keeps losing Wi-Fi connection, or SimpliSafe not finding Wi-Fi.

As for the functioning of your camera, getting your camera connected to the Wi-Fi network is the first necessity.

Well, if you are among the users who find it difficult to connect their SimpliSafe outdoor camera to Wi-Fi or having problem in setting SimpliSafe Setup base station which is not able to connect to the Wi-Fi.
Then there could be two major reasons as listed below :

  • In this first case, the SimpliSafe camera might be installed too far away from the Wi-Fi network.
  • And the second reason could be it is not having enough bandwidth to connect with Wi-Fi.
SimpliSafe camera won't connect to wifi

Problem Resolved ( Why SimpliSafe Camera Fail to Connect to Wi-Fi? )

If your SimpliSafe camera isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, then here’s what you should do.

  1. Check whether the router you own is transmitting the network on 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz frequency. As for the right SimpliSafe setup, always make sure that you are processing in the network frequency of 2 Ghz as the SimpliSafe Camera is designed to work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Another step you can take is if you have currently changed your SSID (wireless network name) and/or Wi-Fi Password then you should enter the password on your keypad.
  3. In case the SimpliSafe camera is located far from the router and that is the reason that SimpliSafe keeps losing Wi-Fi connection then disconnect the camera from its current position and replug it next to the router.
  1. Closely examine and make sure that your SSID is not concealed if in case it is then go to the setting of your Wi-Fi Router’s network and make the network discoverable.
  2. You can also resolve your problem by buying a Wi-Fi extender to enhance the range of your Wi-Fi.
  3. If the camera is placed near your router and still SimpliSafe base station is not able to connect to Wi-Fi or SimpliSafe not finding Wi-Fi then your device is facing connectivity issues. You can fix this by disconnecting other networked devices.
  4. You can also try resolving it by power cycling your base stations and then reconnecting it.
  5. Lastly, you can reset your router.

How can you reset SimpliSafe camera?

If after trying a number of things and restarting your SimpliSafe keeps losing Wi-Fi connection or SimpliSafe not finding Wi-Fi then the camera reset will save your time and energy.

If you want to reset the SimpliSafe camera, you must follow a few steps :-

Reset SimpliSafe Camera Process
  • The best part is that this is neither hectic nor brainy as SimpliSafe cameras simply own the physical reset button that will let you reset your camera within seconds.
  • To reset the device just press the button for 20 long seconds and when you see the button light flashing deactivate it.
  • When you observe the light starts flashing then your camera will be reactivated and it may take 2 to 3 minutes to prepare your camera to access again.
  • During this process you may also see yellow light blinking; it simply means the setting up SimpliSafe camera’s software is being updated.

Resetting your camera can be way easier than you imagine and it can be easily done without the help of professionals. If you act smartly you will be easily able to fix the error that your camera is facing while connecting to the Wi-Fi network otherwise it can only leave you in confusion and you have to seek the help of professionals for connecting your camera to Wi-Fi.


For homeowners, SimpliSafe is one of the most usable and secure cameras, be it for guarding their property or keeping an eye on their pets. It has already left its users stunned with its appreciable features. Besides, those who have been using it for a long time have agreed to the fact that this camera is one of the most suitable cameras in terms of dependability, connectivity, and optimization.

You can simply rely on this camera without having any stress. But this cannot be denied that while using it you might face frequent problems like the SimpliSafe base station not connecting to Wi-Fi or SimpliSafe camera setup is not working. If you carefully follow the instructions mentioned in this article then all the problems can be solved without any stress; also in no time.

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