Customizing Simplisafe Base Station Setting For Outdoor Security Camera

Customizing Simplisafe Base Station Setting For Outdoor Security Camera

Tailoring your specific needs to enhance the security camera performance is crucial thing and when you are using SimpliSafe outdoor camera then it became more crucial to customise base station’s setting that will make your camera function in the best way. This blog will walk you through the process that how and why you need to customise the settings for your SimpliSafe base station.

Being a dominant pivot of the security system, it initiates the communication among the security and accessing devices that also includes the camera, motion detection, sensors, rheostat panels. To meet your specific needs, you have to customise the setting of the base station which will also benefit you to improve the working of your outdoor camera.

Night vision setting- When you install outdoor security camera then you must check the model which offers night vision support so that you can have clear footage what is going on outside even in the night and to your benefit SimpliSafe cameras comes with infrared night vision capabilities you just need to enable it through your base station’s settings.

Optimizing the video quality- SimpliSafe proffers you the adjustable video quality settings so that you can customise its resolution which will allow you to maintain the video quality, clarity but you have to be specific of the storage requirement as high-quality videos will grab more storage. So be sure that you are customising the video quality setting according to the storage capacity.

SimpliSafe base station’s wifi network- All these customisations can only be done when your device is having appropriate wifi network strength. If your SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi then you must contact your ISP to resolve the network error that is preventing your device to establish the connection. Check the power connection if that is causing the problem then fix it. You also use wifi extender to resolve the connection issue if your router and camera is not the network range. Sometimes MAC and antivirus can also cause this issue so disabling them temporarily can work in your favour and if nothing work then try resetting your base stations network setting.

End thought

If you have some unclarity about the setting and base stations working then get in touch with our technical support team they will help you to understand the process and its application.

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