Assimilate the reset procedure of Simplisafe Camera

If you are searching for the reasons that why your Simplisafe camera is not working but not getting the right reason and solution then don’t worry with the help of this blog we will assist you to find the exact reason and solution that why your Simplisafe camera is not working. Sometimes after trying everything, you must wonder that why it is not working then the last option which you can opt is resetting your Simplisafe camera.

Reasons for your Simplisafe Camera not working

  1. The first and foremost reason can be wifi connection error.
  2. Make sure to set your wifi frequency at 2.4 GHz because Simplisafe camera will only work on any other frequency.
  3. Check for the hindrance between wifi and your device: your device must be placed in the full wifi network zone.
  4. Next thing is to check for the device batteries whether they are fully charged or not, if they are not then charge them fully.
  5. Also check the power outlets whether the devices are correctly plugged in or not. There may be problem in sockets as well you check it why plugging your device into some other power socket.
  6. There can be problem if any of the cables connected to your device or router are faulty: replace them if there is any breakage.
  7.  Check for the software updating, if there is any available then update it as it can also be the cause of camera not working.

These were some possible reasons for your Simplisafe camera not working. After trying to resolve all these problems if there is still an issue then try resetting your camera, just follow the given steps for resetting Simplisafe camera.

Reset your Simplisafe Camera with easy steps:

  • Observe the backside of your device to find the reset button; press it.
  • You can use something sharp like safety pin to press the reset button.
  • It will take 20 seconds to finish.
  • When you will release the reset button, its reset process will be almost completed.
  • Your camera will be also rebooted after reset procedure.
  • You will find the settings of your device will the similar when you have purchased it.
  • You have to do the settings again and also need to do the camera setup again.
  • Camera set up will be done from the Simplisafe’s mobile app.
  • You can use web portal to open the app to do the camera setup.
  • You are suggested to note down important details of settings and login before you execute the reset as resetting of device will vanish every setting and details of your device.


We hope that this article has been helpful enough to resolve your query related to resetting of Simplisafe camera. If you still need any help regarding Simplisafe camera whether it is wifi error, offline error or resetting process contact our technical experts for troubleshooting. With their immense experience they will readily help you.

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