SimpliSafe Camera Blinking Blue Light But Not Connecting


SimpliSafe is unswerving brand which provides the utmost safety to your family and surroundings. However, it’s based-on technology so facing some technical is quite possible while doing the SimpliSafe camera setup. This blog will help you in sorting out the issue like if there is blue light on your device but still its not connected, try these prescribed troubleshooting tips to get out of this problem.

First thing you have to understand why is there blue light and what is its importance?

Generally, it is considered that if your camera device is showing the solid Blue LED light then it means its connected to wifi, app and operational but when its starts blinking then understand that camera is having some connection issue. Now let’s get the solution for it with the help of given steps;

Disconnect camera- Disconnecting the camera from the power source can be helpful in resolving this issue, it is also known as restarting the device. You should wait for a while before connecting it back in the power source. The camera will reboot itself inevitably.

Verify network connectivity – Be certain that your camera is in the wifi range you can check this with the help of other devices if they are having proper signal and connectivity. If they are properly connected then you must shift your device nearer to the wifi router. You can solve this issue with an extender too as these extenders are made to solve connectivity and range issue.

SSID Details-Also check your SSID network details, be sure you are filling them correctly when you were setting up wifi connection, if there will be any error in the put you will have to face the connectivity issues. Your camera and accessing device’s SSID must be save to operate it appropriately.

Disconnect the router-Like camera there can be issue with the router as well and you need to restart it to resolve the issue. Disconnect it from the power source by removing the plug and wait for few seconds then plug it back again take a pause for router to reboot it automatically. This step will also help in refreshing the connection for all the devices that are connected with it.

Camera resetting- When nothing works then this troubleshoot will definitely work and that is resetting your camera with the help of reset button. Usually, this button can be found inside a tiny hole on the device itself so you might need a sharp edge object for pressing it and holding it. Reset will take back your camera setting to default so you need to adjust them again for your requirements.

End thoughts

If your issue doesn’t get resolved then you must contact SimpliSafe team for the accurate solution of your trouble. If there will be any technical error then to contacting them will be appropriate decision to contact them you can call them directly or can choose live chat by visit their website

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