What causes a Simplisafe Camera Constantly Go Offline or Become Inactive?

What causes a Simplisafe Camera Constantly Go Offline or Become Inactive?

When you open the SimpliSafe app to check on what is happening in your yard after noticing someone moving in front of your house, all it says is “Camera Offline.” You are perplexed and check to see if your Wi-Fi router is operational. The SimpliSafe camera, even when it is operating, still displays offline. Therefore, a number of factors might cause your SimpliSafe doorbell to become inoperable. Here are a few sensible explanations for why your SimpliSafe camera may get offline.

Obsolete software – If your firmware is outdated, your camera will likely continue to be offline.

Power Changes – The power supply would periodically have issues, causing the camera to turn off and go offline.

QR Code not working – It is possible that the QR code of your camera not read correctly during the setup process.

Network and WiFi issues – Due to problems with its WiFi or the network as a whole, your camera can keep going offline. 

Hardware complication – It is possible due to hardware failure of your device due to which you are getting camera offline error.

Now that you are aware of all the potential concerns, let’s move on to the most effective solutions.

How Can I Fix SimpliSafe Camera Offline Issues?

Yes, these novel solutions could assist in resolving the offline issues with the SimpliSafe camera.

Outdated Firmware: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to upgrade the firmware on your SimpliSafe camera. Usually, you may accomplish this by going to the manufacturer’s website or the mobile app. Consistently check for firmware updates if any are available, and install them instantly.

Power fluctuations: Make sure your SimpliSafe camera is plugged into a reliable power source to avoid power fluctuations. To safeguard yourself from power fluctuations, think about utilizing a surge protector. Make sure your camera’s batteries are completely charged or replace them if necessary if you’re using one that runs on batteries.

Unable To Read QR Code: Check your smartphone’s stability and the lighting in the room if you’re having problems reading the QR code during setup. Try using a gentle, dry towel to wipe the camera lens and QR code. Get help from SimpliSafe customer service if the problem continues.

WiFi/Network Issues: Make sure your SimpliSafe camera is within the WiFi network range and check the strength of your WiFi connection. To lessen interference, try deactivating some of the devices you have linked to the same Wi-Fi network. Try resetting your router if the problem still exists, or ask your internet service provider for help.

Hardware Issue: For support, get in touch with SimpliSafe customer service if you think there might be a hardware issue. If necessary, they might be able to remotely diagnose the problem or give you a replacement camera.

How to reset my Simplisafe camera?

If you want to know how to reset your SimpliSafe camera, then follow these instructions:

  • On the back of the camera, look for the reset button. You will find the tiny hole at the back of your device. A paperclip or other tiny object should be inserted into the hole and held there for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After 10 to 15 seconds, release the button, and the camera should begin to reset.
  • Hold off until the camera has properly reset. This procedure might take some time. The LED lights on the camera may start to blink quickly or go out entirely during this period.
  • The camera should be ready to set up again after it has reset.

Make sure to back up any vital data before resetting your SimpliSafe camera because doing so will wipe all settings and configurations, including any recorded video.


In conclusion, there may be a variety of reasons why your SimpliSafe doorbell or camera goes down or stops operating altogether. Older software, power fluctuations, difficulties reading QR codes, WiFi and network problems, and hardware issues are a few of the main culprits. However, there are a variety of ways to resolve these issues, including upgrading the firmware, ensuring a constant power source, cleaning the camera lens, checking for network interference, and, if required, contacting customer support. If you need to reset your SimpliSafe camera as well, follow the procedures above, but be aware that doing so will erase all settings and configurations. You can make sure that your SimpliSafe camera and doorbell work properly and give you the protection and peace of mind you require by using these solutions and procedures.

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