Tips And Tricks On Using SimpliSafe With Google Home

Tips And Tricks On Using SimpliSafe With Google Home

The integration of SimpliSafe and Google home is a seamless for security and expediency. If you connect your SimpliSafe to google home then you can operate your home security system at large point by using voice commands, reading this blog will be helpful if you want to know tips of using SimpliSafe and google home connectively.

Setup the link between Google and SimpliSafe– The very first step of setting up your SimpliSafe is to connect it with Google home. For this open the google home app, also complete the SimpliSafe login, then select the add device from the device tab. “+” search this sign and press enter to setup the device. After establishing the connection device will be ready to use voice command.

Advantage of voice command– With the help of google voice command you can set the arm when you leave the house and also disarm your SimpliSafe security system when reached back at home. All you need to say is “google arm or disarm my SimpliSafe”. If you have set it on arm then it will activate the security alarm and notification will also get activated, when you disarm it then arm alert will get disabled. In this way you can control the system and no need to do physical effort.

How to create own voice command– You can design and set the voice command according to your will, like when you went to bed and have already customized the command then when you will say goodnight, it will alert your security system to ensure the safety of your house by changing the lights and locking the doors. Similarly, you can change the alerts in the morning, for this you need to open google home app and customize the programme routine by setting the task.

Real time check on System- This is also one of the advantages you can seek when you have connected SimpliSafe with Google, you can check the status of your system whether it is active or not, you just need to set this and ask “Google is my SimpliSafe armed or active”? if it is not active then simply command your google assistance and activate it by sitting at one place.

Time saving Abilities– You can save your time and energy by including Simplisafe to Google smart routines, for this you need to do some settings and enable them, so when you will say “google I’m leaving” then it will automatically and instantly arm the SimpliSafe and similarly you can disarm it when you will say “I’m back or home”

Potential Security Alerts– Through this integration you can receive the security alerts with the help of google assistance, whenever there will any security threats, it will alert you either by sending the notification on your linked device or by sending the voice commands, it will also make you alert when the alarm is set off.

Integration with sensors– If you are using SimpliSafe sensors for detecting the motion activities then also you can control and operate it with Google voice assistance, like you can ask “Google, show the view of front door, or if the sensors of particular place is active or not” This helps in securing your house in more talented way.

Final thoughts

With Google home you can enjoy the smart security experience by linking it with SimpliSafe. Enhance and control your security systems with the convenience of voice command. Whenever you face any issue or trouble call our smart team experts to find the tenacity.

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