How to Setup Your SimpliSafe System with Login

How to Setup Your SimpliSafe System with Login?

SimpliSafe cameras are widely recognized among customers for their unmatched security and flexible features. The SimpliSafe camera which was manufactured with an aim to offer something different to its users has now become the first choice of its customers. Users not only prefer these cameras because of their remarkable features but also for the fact that these cameras can be easily set up at home without any professional help. 

Well, if you are one of the new users who have recently bought their  Simplisafe Security camera and are encountering a problem with Simplisafe login then don’t worry. In this article, you will be thoroughly explained about Simplisafe login procedure and will be given a brief description of how to set up your SimpliSafe camera.

Steps to successfully execute Simplisafe login

In this section, you will come across two different ways in which you can accomplish your  SimpliSafe login process. Given below are the step wise step instructions to login into your SimpliSafe account. You can complete the login process either by using the SimpliSafe app or the web browser.

SimpliSafe login using the App

  • To login into the SimpliSafe app, the first step is to download the mobile app from the App Store or Play Store. 
  • After this, install the Simplisafe app.
  • Now open the app on your device (smartphone)and create an account to login. Make sure that the password you are choosing is strong and unique.
  • Once you have created your account, log in to the account by filling in the login details of your account.
  • After that, click on Login.
  • With this, without much hassle, you will be able to log into your SimpliSafe device.

SimpliSafe login using the web browser

  • On your PC, laptop, or whatever device you wish to use, open a web browser of your choice. 
  • Make sure your device has a strong network connection, after this in the address bar of the particular browser,type and enter for Login.
  • After this, You will be automatically directed to the SimpliSafe login page.
  • On this page, tap on the login option and enter the login details.
  • After filling in the details click on login and you will successfully login into your SimpliSafe device.

Why am I unable to log in to SimpliSafe via the app?

In most of the cases it happens that users are unable to login into the Simplisafe app even after following the above given login instructions. Well, there might be countless reasons why users encounter these login problems. The most typical reasons are why they are not able to log in to their SimpliSafe app.

  • There might be some kind of flaw in the SimpliSafe app you are using
  • You might be entering the incorrect account details.
  • Another reason could be that the SimpliSafe app is incompatible with your device.
  • It has been ages since you last updated your app.
  • The data or wifi on which you are working is not properly connected or has poor signal.

Troubleshooting Simplisafe login issues?

If still  you are not able to login into your Simplisafe account  and you are looking for the  steps to resolve your issue then these below given steps will fix your problem in no time.

  • Simplisafe camera is intelligently designed in a way that it will give a signal if it is not connected to the power. If this is the case then to fix this you need to refigure cables, power sources, and other connections that are carefully connected and supply sufficient power to the camera.
  • Well, in case your camera is not working because it is not being updated then you hardly need to stress that within less than 20 minutes you can update your Simplisafe Camera.
  • Typing the incorrect login detail can resist the functioning of your camera. You can effortlessly fix this error by setting up a new password. 
  • If your camera is unable to detect the wifi and this is the root cause of the problem then ensure to place the camera close to the router. Besides, double-check whether the router is connected to the power source or not.

When should I reset my camera?

Now you have done everything mentioned above but still you are struggling with login issues  then Resetting will definitely will be your last choice and permanent solution.Resetting should only be chosen in the cases when nothing works in your situation and when you know about  the errors your device is facing and after trying every troubleshooting step you have finally concluded that you will not be able to fix it. In such scenarios, you can reconfigure your SimpliSafe camera by resetting it. However, you can easily reset your SimpliSafe camera by following these general instructions:

  • First of all,  pinpoint the reset button on your Simplisafe camera. Typically, the reset button in almost all models of Simplisafe cameras is found at the camera’s rear that means at the back of the camera.
  • Now that you have successfully located the reset button, push the reset button inwards continuously for 20 seconds or until you see the flashing light.
  • Now wait for the camera to restart and when it is on again link it to the Simplisafe app.
  • As resetting will remove your camera settings, in the SimpliSafe app you have to again install the camera as if it were a new device.

Final thoughts

Now if you have tried every step given above and still  you fail to carry out the Simplisafe login process then to settle down such problems you can connect with our Simplisafe team. Our highly trained experts will provide solutions without any hassle.

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